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That Was The Week #333


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A Tale of Two Platforms

  • Meta

  • Twitter

Essays of the Week

  • 9 Predictions for Data in 2023

  • Apple’s new App Store tax on ads is a direct shot at Meta

  • Generative AI Startups Attract Business Customers, Investor Funding

  • Chips and China

  • The end of the system of the world - by Noah Smith

  • The Rise of Real-Time Collaborative Tech : Seedcamp

News of the Week

  • Mobileye stock rises 40% in its return to a public market in chaos

  • Stability AI CEO, After Ruffling Feathers of Researchers, Discussed $1 Billion in New Financing

  • Andreessen Horowitz’s Flagship Crypto Fund Takes A Beating — Report

  • Tech unicorn start-ups valued at $1 billion now rare in Silicon Valley

Startup of the Week

  • Snowflake

Tweet of the Week

  • Elon Musk

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