China Rising - Video and Podcast

Can the US Compete in Solar and Electric Vehicles?


A lot to digest this week. China’s global economic leadership in sustainable tech, @garrytan has a new role heading Y Combinator, @OM exposes Apple’s AI weakness, @VitalikButerin has a new book, @Cloudflare defends the freedom to publish, @ttunguz thinks about web3 apps and @SamirKaji tweets about what makes a good VC. Join myself and Andrew Keen in discussing the issues in That Was The Week #325

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Here are the links from this week. They were broken in yesterday’s email BTW, so these ones work.

China Rising

  • The long road to American-made EVs

  • China’s Dominance in the Solar Panel Supply Chain

Essays of the Week

  • Apple’s missing “augmented” intelligence

  • Y Combinator: accelerator investments need to change focus

  • Welcome Home, Garry Tan

  • How emerging VC funds can attract capital

  • Proof of Stake - The Book

  • The Future of Crypto Native Consumer Products

  • Why We'll See More New Types of Web3 Apps in the Next Year by @ttunguz

  • The 5 Phases of Figma’s Community-Led Growth: From Stealth to Enterprise


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