Is TikTok Hatred Racist? Video & Podcast

That Was The Week #327 with @ajkeen and @kteare


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This week a whistleblower demonstrated how poor Twitter’s internal data controls are, mirroring previous proof that TikTok is similarly challenged. And politicians focused on TikTok


Is TikTok Hatred Racist?

  • Is TikTok’s Time Running Out?

  • Meta Can Thank TikTok for its quiet day in Congress

Essays of the Week

  • Twitter Whistleblower Testifies (video)

  • OpenAI - Sam Altman and Reid Hoffman in conversation - Podcast and Transcript

  • What you Learn from Hypergrowth - 3 years at Hopin

  • Big Tech Revenue and Profits Breakdown

News of the Week

  • Twillio Lays off 11%

  • The Post Crash VC Market - Mark Suster

  • A Bull Case for Fintech

  • VC fundraising and the New Normal

  • VC Secondary Bargain Hunters

  • Northzone closes $1bn fund

  • Venture Healthtech funding falls 42%

  • A16Z is now a Landlord

Startup of the Week

  • Figma

Tweet of the Week

  • Fred Destin

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