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That Was The Week #328 with @ajkeen and @kteare


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Regulators on the Rocks

  • Lina Khan’s ambitious FTC is facing ‘extremely difficult choices

  • A Call to the SEC to treat Crypto Assets is if Clients Matter

Essays of the Week

  • Why Google is pushing for open media formats

  • There’s New Proof Crispr can Edit Genes Inside Human Bodies

  • The Best Managers Are Leaders — and Vice Versa

  • What China Can Teach Us About the Future of TikTok and Video Search

  • Introducing Whisper

  • Dall-E 2 users to be allowed to upload faces for the first time

  • Funding When Capital Isn’t Cheap

  • Debt Pitches Are in Vogue, but Not All Tech Startups Are Biting

News of the Week

  • Musk’s Legal Team Will Be Allowed to Use Zatko Payout as Part of Case Against Twitter Deal

  • New Report Underlines the Increasing Reliance on Social P…

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