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That Was The Week #324


Silicon Valley is struggling to adjust to the post-2021 correction. Some signals are way up, like Snowflakes revenues and stock price. Others are down, like funding rounds. Venture Capital is always a few steps behind on both the downside and the up. But today is sunny, and so is the near future. Andrew Keen and I discuss this week’s newsletter.

Here are the links from this week


Snowflakes Stellar Quarter

Essays of the Week

  • Worldcoin founder starts an AI Venture business

  • Netflix is not a Tech Company - Benedict Evans

  • Apple Car - Software and Money - Jean Louis Gassée

  • Fundraising in 2022 - Tomasz Tunguz

  • Paramount gets UEFA Champions League Streams till 2030

  • Why Youtube made its own Video Chip

  • Investments in Nuclear Fission and Fusion - Crunchbase

Elon Musk and Adam Neumann

  • Musk Welcomes a Whistleblower

  • Elon Musk subpoenas former Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey

  • Everything you need to know about the Twitter whistleblower complaint

  • Can a Zebra Change its Stripes?

  • The Anti-Adam Neumann - TechCrunch


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