The End of Apps and the Rise of the Machines - Video and Podcast

That Was The Week #332 with Andrew Keen


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The End of Apps? - A Discussion

Essays of the Week

  • The AT Protocol - The Bluesky Team

  • AI 2022: The Explosion - The Coatue Venture Team

  • AI: Startup Vs Incumbent Value - Elad Gil

  • An AI Might Have Written This -  Fadeke Adegbuyi

  • Alien Truth - Paul Graham

  • Will the Metaverse replace PCs?

  • Accel 2022 Euroscape: Reset

  • Mission → Vision → Strategy → Goals → Roadmap → Task - Lenny Rachitsky

  • Dylan Field (Figma) - at TechCrunch Disrupt

News of the Week

  • Meet The New Unicorns Minted In September 2022 - Gené Teare

  • Around Acquired by Miro Labs

  • Stanford Wants a Bigger Piece of Silicon Valley’s Top VC Funds: Endowment Chief

  • Silicon Valley is starting to cave to European regulators

  • Meta Must Sell Giphy, U.K. Competition Authority Orders in Final Decision

Startup of the …

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