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That Was The Week #334


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This week’s contents:


Editorial: Elon Musk 1-0 Kara Swisher

Twitter’s Rebirth

  • Elon Musk

Twitter is Good for Substack

  • Hamish McKenzie

  • Introducing Substack Chat

Essays of the Week

  • Meta Myths - Ben Thompson

  • Ways to think about the Metaverse - Benedict Evans

  • Will nationalism end the golden age of global AI collaboration?

  • After A Lot Of Hype, (Useful) AI May Finally Be Here - Crunchbase

  • Google releases text-to-image AI model Imagen for public use for the first time

  • Why America Must Develop Space and How We’ll Do It - Andreessen Horowitz

Review of the Week

  • iPhone 14 Pro Camera Review: A Small Step, a Huge Leap

Fool of the Week

  • Elizabeth Warren

Startup of the Week

  • Tiger Global Management

Tweet of the Week

  • Elon Musk

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