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The case for Twitter’s independence (unless Google or management buys)

The case for Twitter’s independence (unless Google or management buys)

Mentorship, Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Funding.

What is an Entrepreneur?

Mentorship, Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Funding.

Responses on SiteFinder

VeriSign-ICANN Proposed Settlement discussed in Vancouver

Google Finance launches Video and extended market quotes


Week 2 Stats

CNet Radio Interview

Apple down almost 15% since Earnings Call

Fake Uprising — the evidence!

4G Wireless — IP based mobile communications

US Default looms large as Politicians squabble

The Economic Consequences of the War

OpenID and Data Portability

Nikolaj Email

Article of the Week


Russia Too!

May 17th 2002

From the Independent newspaper in London — direct from Baghdad


Easynet acquired by BSkyB

Beattie on RealNames

Technology Blog Valuations — Getting to be Real!

Linux Show

Santa Cruz Networks named one of Top 100 Private Companies of 2003

Cape Town

Got Quoted in the Wall Street Journal

TechCrunch20 web site goes live

ICANN Verbatim minutes re SiteFinder

New Baby


Reply to Danny Sullivan

I’ve been “tagged” launched

Oh dear!

Oped for CNet

Oh dear — they are fighting back and using unorthodox methods!

Ballmer on Partnering protocol

Patent Discovery

edgeio/CraigsList — what’s the difference?

Podtech secures $5.5m in Series A Funding

end of an era, start of another

Google launched Dbase, circa 1985, but with less functionality.


Announcing Earnings Cast!

IP Communications and Regulation

The impact of mobile growth on web advertising. Is Android bad for Google?

Email Support

Coursey Piece


Oh Shit!

Alex Horowitz Email

England! Yes :-)

PC Magazine Editors Choice for VidiTel

New edgeio features to launch tonight

Facebook has a problem with pictures of Breast feeding? launch at DEMO Mobile


Manchester United — Champions again!

European Coalition

Apple and Intel

Blurtt launches in the app store

Dave Winer is 50

The future of publishing and reading?

Dan Brinklin

Chat Center launched

Google adds RSS to Personalized homepage

What are you promising to do for the future?

De-portalization and Internet Revenues I

How to Watch Iraqi TV

IE — more growth!

What a Beautiful Game — but I hate the aggregate result!

Real Time Streams

Keith Teare, Michael Arrington and Jean-Marie Hullot — 1999–2002. On fotonauts.

edgeio launches “instant listings”

The Background (Microsoft-RealNames) Story

Debating Andrew Keen tonight

Robert Shaw Email

Archimedes Labs mentioned in the Wall Street Journal

Number 1 with a Bullet


2006 FIFA World Cup

SiteFinder reprise


VoIP — will regulation kill emerging services running on top of Broadband?

Web 2.0

Google Q1 2007 Earnings Call

Is it OK to Kill 13 Civilians?

VeriSign’s Sitefinder

Blackmagic Digital Cinema Camera Reviewed

Chinese TV Coverage of War on Iraq

PDF of Powerpoint — Jan 2002 at Microsoft

Asia Issues

Chat Center Re-brands and focuses on business use

Reuters — The grim truth for Bush.

Exchange with Microsoft

Video Island lands Tesco deal

Google passes $300 Mark

fotonauts in the wild

The Full Story Again

Robin Good Interview

launching seriouslymedia

PC Forum


Digital, Life, Design (DLD 2009) in Munich

Computerwire Article

Bred Feld on vesting

Liam’s first steps

edgeio and Craigslist revisited

UN Chief says Iraq war was illegal!

Internet and TV, are we at the tipping point?

Is it me or is the Beijing 2008 Olympics Medal Table being “Americanized”?

Popular Science Mag implements Mag+ vision

Coursey Show on CNet

Liam at 7 weeks

Guns and the USA: No Comment!

Small Fiefdom

Brits and Americans

Deportalization and Internet Advertising II

Is this really the British PM?

Google Acquired YouTube — Here’s the Call

In Defense of “nothing”

Salim Ismail to head Yahoo Brickhouse

Telecoms as a subset of the Internet

Asian Names Threatened

Letter from Rome — Susan Crawford.

“All the people I had shared my shelter with were dead!”

Death of NATO

The sorry state of Iraq


MSN grows ad revenue by 40%

Burger King

What a lovely sight!

Cleese on Obama, McCain, Biden and Palin, Oh… and the USA — On Seesmic.


Moblog Entry

TUCOWS auction service

Revolution and Death in Silicon Valley

Susan Mernit joins Yahoo as Senior Director of Personals


Charlene Li of Forrester on Search

edgeio secures $5m series A financing

Moving On!

Scarborough 0–1 Chelsea

2 Fathers with dead sons Speak Out

CNet News.Com Piece

China Email

Microformats at Mashup Camp

fotonauts and me

Looking at Sovereign Debt

The Valley of Death

Auctions for deleting domain names

The Future of Communications

Microsoft announcing “Live” software and is live

Slideshow of the day — Yeah!

From the BBC

Luke Graham Teare

Kevin Werbach on VoIP

Dave McClure’s Web 2.0 Expo Slides

The Opinionated! Essay — Number 1 — The Startup Valley of Death

Communications Revolution

Marvel Cease and Desist to TechCrunch

IE Monopoly

Cluster bombs — proof

Unicorns, Zombies and the Unborn

Canon 5D Mk II and Nikon D3X and Hitler — Hilarious

Liberation Day Unclothed

EarningsCast doing great

Google Books enables Embedding updates

Liam John Teare

Michael Moore fights back

My prediction for the general election

Quixey adds Eric Schmidt’s Fund and Archimedes Ventures to investor line up

J Crew

The Big Picture

Forval Email in Japan

EC Commission

edgeio marketplaces — first review

Teare’s theorem: The first law of RSS (updated)

TechCrunch 7


“Do you know what I mean? Wink, Wink” Monty Python circa 1970.

edgeio — is becoming a search engine, for “stuff”

Is scraping and crawling stealing?

NWFusion article on Real Time Communications (RTC)

New Blog

edgeio launches Classified Boards

Marc Canter is on a roll

Apache 2 and PHP 4.3 and Perl 5.8

Spiked Online — articles

Murdoch, Huffington and the future of News

New fotonauts milestone

Manchester United 2 Arsenal 0

This is where it all began

Updated Blog URL, theme and software

Jessica Email

PC Forum

Bloody Carnage

edgeio has announced the paid content platform. Distributed Commerce meets Web 2.0

Mozilla and RealNames

The real war

Robert Fisk in Baghdad joins Archimedes Labs

Jean-Michel Jarre posting pictures on fotonauts

Schwartz replaces McNealy at Sun

Open Win API Emails


Stats — Week 1 beta and European Interviews.

My New Job

TechCrunch chooses edgeio to power Crunchboard

fotopedia launches

Fu*k*d Companies?

Moblog Entry

Cloud based services — the future of the Internet

Week 3 Stats

Joseph Zhu Email

edgeio coverage

Podcast: Google’s Earnings call

After Chirp, is Twitter related investing still smart?



Space to Compete

Weblog is a great tool

edgeio launched at midnight tonight!

Wayward friends

It is true. Heather Harde is new TechCrunch CEO

Google rank

Techcrunch founder Michael Arrington is even more famous

CircleID Piece

Building to sell?

An Awesome web 2.0 post


No Weapons of Mass Destruction?

MSN “superior” user experience

Killing Babies!

The Pareto Principle is nonsense.

Supernova 2002

Coursey Reference

Stunning new Digital Video Cameras

Hubble Bubble Toil and Trouble, Meet Heckerty!

Social, Mobile and Global — the new human race

New Baby Boy

Bob Teplitsky Email

Google and the newspapers

IE Growth

Economic Crisis, Financial Crisis, Debt Crisis? Is USA Inc finished?

Update for the weekend

Bill’s Old Thoughts

Iraqi Child — Victim of Bombs

Realtime Twitter responses to my TechCrunch article

What is it for?

Teare Family in London

Madam Hu Email

Its true — TechCrunch and F***edCompany to do press release tonight.

Facebook Home Design Process

Archimedes Ventures

Moral Superiority and Racial Accusations

edgeio pre-launches “listings boards”

Response to Eric Kidd

My TechCrunch Posts

MSN 8 has Keywords!

Danny Sullivan Piece

Open Win API?

More on the real situation in Iraq


Rebooting a nation — not impossible it seems!


Independent Article

ICANN Sued by VeriSign

The List of Documents to Read

SiteFinder and ICANN

Mike “launches” Uncrunched

OpenCoffee meetup in Palo Alto

Suw Charman and Doc Searls Breasts

Weapons of Mass Destruction?

De-portalization and Internet revenues

edgeio announces support for YouTube, Google Video, Skype and PayPal!

RSS 0.91 and RSS 2.0 Feeds


edgeio product plans

RSS has peaked! — Forrester. Nope, it hasn’t! — Me

2000 video and voice over IP subscribers, $50k

Larry Rees

Google rips off RealNames idea!

Google Q4 2005 Earnings — Stock slumps 15% in after market

“Dear Zuck”. Fuck!

Zuck, What the Fuck! — Rebuttal — a follow up